Edwardsville Personal Injury Lawyer

Edwardsville Personal Injury Lawyer

Edwardsville Personal Injury Attorney

Every day, thousands of people throughout Illinois suffer all types of personal injuries due to the negligence and misconduct of others. When one party injures another party in any way, it can form the basis of a personal injury claim and potentially lead to heated legal disputes between the parties involved. If you are recovering in the aftermath of someone else’s actions, an Edwardsville personal injury attorney is the ideal resource to consult to determine your options for legal recourse.

Personal Injury Representation for Edwardsville, IL, Clients

If another party harmed you in any way, you have the right to seek full accountability and compensation for the losses they inflicted. Your claim could be worth much more than you expect, and the right attorney to handle your case may be more accessible than you assume. The team at Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, has years of experience helping clients recover from all types of personal injuries in the Edwardsville area. When you choose our firm as your legal representation, you will have instant access to a legal advocate ready to answer your questions and allay your concerns as you seek compensation for your damages.

Benefits of Hiring an Edwardsville Personal Injury Attorney

It is technically possible to make a personal injury claim on your own without hiring an attorney, but you will face several significant risks if you attempt this. First, you could make procedural errors with the filing of your case, such as missing court filing deadlines or overlooking crucial evidence. These mistakes may not only delay your case’s progress but might even negate your ability to claim compensation from the responsible party for your injuries.

If you are successful with filing your claim on your own, you would still face the risk of unintentionally accepting a much smaller settlement than you legally deserve. Illinois’ personal injury laws allow a plaintiff in a personal injury case to seek full compensation for the damages they suffered, and the right attorney can make sure you maximize your recovery. Ultimately, you are more likely to succeed with your case and more likely to recover as much compensation as possible with an attorney’s assistance. Additionally, you will be prepared to address any unexpected variables that arise to complicate your case as it unfolds.

Kinds of Personal Injury Claims Our Firm Handles in Edwardsville

When you intend to file any type of personal injury claim in Edwardsville, it is imperative to choose not only an experienced attorney but one who has specific experience with cases that are similar to your case. At Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, our firm routinely represents clients facing personal injury claims, including:

  • Car accident cases. Vehicle crashes are a leading cause of personal injuries in Edwardsville, and Illinois law states that the driver at fault for an accident is liable for the damages they inflict on others. Your recovery from any vehicle accident will likely start with you making a claim against the insurance of the person who was responsible for the accident. State law requires every driver to carry liability coverage for bodily injuries and property damages they inflict on others when they cause accidents. However, if you suffered severe injuries, you may not be able to fully recover through insurance alone. Our team can help you file your insurance claim, resolve any disputes that arise with the insurance carrier, and help build a civil claim against the at-fault driver if needed to fully recover from your injuries.
  • Premises liability claims. Property owners in Edwardsville are legally obligated to ensure their properties are safe. If they notice any hazards that could foreseeably injure lawful guests and visitors, they are required to fix these problems as soon as they become aware of them. If you were on someone else’s property and slipped and fell, injuring yourself, you would likely have the grounds to make a personal injury claim under premises liability laws.
  • Medical malpractice. Thousands of residents trust medical professionals to provide safe and effective treatment for their illnesses and injuries every day. When medical professional negligence or any type of intentional misconduct causes a personal injury, this can form the foundation of a medical malpractice suit. There are special rules for medical malpractice cases that do not apply to other personal injury claims, and an experienced Edwardsville personal injury attorney is a crucial asset for this type of claim.
  • Catastrophic injury claims. When a personal injury causes permanent damage to the victim, this is known as a catastrophic personal injury. Claimants in these cases often face extensive economic losses, long-term medical complications, and permanent disabilities. When you or someone you love has suffered a catastrophic injury that causes immense pain, interferes with the ability to work, or prevents you from living independently, the right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a claim for personal injury against the person or party that caused the injury.

Your Edwardsville personal injury attorney can be helpful through every stage of your claim, from filing the initial complaint with the court to exploring recovery options through insurance and finally building your personal injury claim against the at-fault party.

How to Prove Liability for a Personal Injury

Before a plaintiff in any personal injury claim can recover compensation, they must prove who is responsible for those damages. Many of the personal injury claims filed in Edwardsville are in response to negligent acts, which consist of failing to use appropriate care. Your attorney can assist you in identifying the defendant responsible for your damages, proving they held a duty of care they breached with their actions, and establishing causation between their negligence and your claimed damages.

Alternatively, you may have suffered a personal injury from some form of illegal misconduct, such as driving under the influence (DUI) or an assault. In this situation, the defendant will likely be criminally prosecuted. Their penalties are likely to increase due to their causing physical harm and other losses to others, and your Edwardsville personal injury attorney can advise you how any such issues may impact your final case award.

Claiming Compensation for Your Personal Injury in Edwardsville

The main objective of your personal injury suit in Edwardsville is to hold the defendant accountable for the damages they inflicted with their negligence or misconduct. You have the right to seek repayment of any economic damages they caused, which may include:

  • Property losses. If the defendant’s actions damaged your home, vehicle, or other personal property, you can claim repair or replacement costs as financial damages in your civil suit.
  • Medical treatment costs. Most personal injury claims pertain to physical injuries, and the defendant who injured you is liable for the cost of all medical care you need to fully recover from their actions. You can hold the defendant accountable for both immediate and future medical costs you incur from their negligence or misconduct.
  • Lost income. It’s common for victims of personal injuries to be unable to work as they recover, and if this applies to your case, you can hold the defendant accountable for the wages you cannot earn while recovering.
  • Lost earning capacity. When a defendant has injured you severely enough that you cannot return to work, they are liable for the future income you are no longer able to earn. An experienced Edwardsville personal injury attorney can help accurately calculate these projected future losses and add them to your civil suit.

Beyond these economic damages, a plaintiff in an Edwardsville personal injury case also has the right to claim compensation for the pain and suffering they endured. There are no caps on compensation for pain and suffering in most personal injury claims, and your attorney can help calculate a suitable figure that accurately reflects the severe nature of your damages. A plaintiff who suffered permanent harm will likely receive far more in compensation for their pain and suffering than their injuries if they are expected to fully recover.

Ultimately, any personal injury claim can be incredibly difficult to navigate on your own, and if you intend to maximize your case award, trustworthy legal counsel is imperative for guiding you through your proceedings. Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, can provide compassionate and meticulous legal counsel through all stages of your case until you reach optimal results. We’ll carefully assist you in crafting your complaint against the defendant and look for all forms of compensation you can include in the suit to enhance your recovery. The sooner you connect with our team, the more time we have to work on your case and guide you to the results you hope to see.

Personal Injury Lawyers FAQs

Q: Do I Have a Deadline to Make a Personal Injury Claim in Edwardsville?

A: The state enforces a two-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, so you must file your case within this time limit or lose your chance to claim compensation from the party that caused your personal injury. If this seems like more than enough time, remember there are various procedural prerequisites you will need to fulfill, and you will also need time to accurately calculate the scope of claimable damages. It is advisable to get in touch with an Edwardsville personal injury attorney right away to account for these factors.

Q: Why Do I Need to Hire an Edwardsville Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Legal representation isn’t mandatory for your personal injury claim, but having trustworthy legal counsel represent you will significantly improve your chances of success with your case. A good attorney can help gather all the evidence you need to be able to prove fault for your damages, and they can also help you accurately uncover all claimable damages to enhance your final case award. Ultimately, you have the right to pursue your claim without hiring a lawyer, but having an Edwardsville personal injury attorney represent you dramatically improves your chance of success and increases the likelihood of maximizing your award.

Q: What Happens if a Plaintiff Is Partially at Fault for Their Personal Injury?

A: Illinois upholds a modified comparative negligence law, meaning that as long as the plaintiff is less at fault than the defendant, they can still recover their losses. However, they face a penalty equal to their percentage of fault in causing the damages in question. For example, 10% fault means losing 10% of the total case award. If the plaintiff is as responsible for the accident as the defendant is, they cannot proceed with their claim and cannot recover compensation under the modified comparative fault rule.

Q: How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth in Edwardsville?

A: Do not make the mistake of assuming it would cost more to file your claim than you would win from the defendant. You might be entitled to claim more compensation than you initially realize, and the optimal way to determine the true value of your claim is to speak with an experienced Edwardsville personal injury attorney as quickly as you can. Your attorney will help you understand the full breadth of the damages you can seek from the defendant and assist you in maximizing your case award.

Q: How Much Are Attorneys’ Fees for an Edwardsville Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Most personal injury lawyers accept clients on a contingency basis, meaning the attorney only takes a fee for their services if they win their client’s case. Some attorneys charge hourly rates for legal representation, and some offer flat rates for very specific legal services. Always verify a potential attorney’s billing policy before agreeing to their representation. When you choose Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, as your legal representatives, we can carefully explain all details of our billing policy before any contracts are signed so there are no surprises regarding our attorneys’ fees.

Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, has successfully represented many past clients in various types of personal injury claims in Edwardsville and surrounding communities. We know the stress and uncertainty you face in the aftermath of a personal injury that someone else caused, and we know how to assist you in maximizing your recovery. Get in touch with us today to set up a meeting with an Edwardsville personal injury attorney to start working toward the compensation you deserve.

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