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Experiencing an arrest for any kind of criminal offense can be a harrowing and even life-changing experience. Whether you broke the law or are arrested for something you did not do, it can be incredibly distressing to be placed under arrest, and many people mistakenly make this situation even worse due to a lack of understanding of their constitutional rights.

Experienced and Responsive Carlinville, Illinois Criminal Defense Counsel

If you or a loved one is arrested by the police in Illinois for any criminal offense, the first steps you take in your interactions with the police can potentially have dramatic consequences. You have the right to remain silent as soon as the police put you under arrest, and even if you know you are innocent of the charges against you, it is always safest to exercise this right until you can speak with a Carlinville, Illinois criminal defense attorney.

Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, has extensive professional experience handling criminal defense for clients in the Carlinville area and surrounding communities of Illinois. From our office in Carlinville, we have helped many defendants understand their legal situations in clearer detail, developed strong defenses against the charges filed against them, and guided them through their cases toward favorable results. While no defense attorney can ever promise their client a specific outcome, our team can ensure you have access to the full scope of our resources and experience.

Know Your Rights After Arrest

The Constitution of the United States reinforces the rights of all Americans. Under the Fifth Amendment, you are not obligated to act as a witness against yourself, and you have the right to remain silent when placed under arrest. When Illinois police officers conduct a lawful arrest, they will read the suspect their Miranda rights, explaining they have the right to remain silent and that anything they say could be used against them in court. It is important to take this seriously, even if you know you did nothing wrong. Remain silent until you can exercise your Sixth Amendment right to legal counsel.

Under the Sixth Amendment, every American is entitled to legal counsel when they are accused of any criminal offense. If a defendant cannot pay for their own defense attorney or does not wish to pay for an attorney, the court can name a public attorney to act as their defense counsel at no charge. The majority of public defenders in Illinois are experienced attorneys who do the best for their clients, but the nature of their job duties makes it very difficult for them to provide their clients with much individual attention. If you’re able to do so, hiring a private Carlinville, Illinois criminal defense attorney can offer a more personalized degree of defense counsel.

Once you have a defense attorney working on your case, they can evaluate the charges against you, the strength of the evidence used to justify your arrest and charges, and the potential penalties you face. If you committed the crime in question, your defense attorney would still be invaluable for reducing your penalty. If you did not, they would be able to advise you as to the best ways to defend the allegations against you.

Common Types of Criminal Defense Cases We Represent in Carlinville, Illinois

If you are arrested for any criminal charge in Illinois, it is crucial that you have defense counsel from an attorney experienced with cases like yours. Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, has extensive professional experience handling a wide range of criminal cases, including:

  • Drug offenses. Crimes related to drugs are among the crimes most often prosecuted throughout the United States. The penalties a defendant faces when convicted typically hinge on the type and quantity of the drug they had in their possession.
  • Violent crimes. Assault, armed robbery, and other criminal offenses that involve physical harm to victims can easily qualify as felonies under Illinois law.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI). It is illegal to drive while intoxicated by drugs or alcohol, and the penalties for DUI conviction include fines, jail time, and driver’s license suspension.
  • Theft and property crimes. If you are charged with defacing, destroying, or stealing another person’s property, you are responsible for returning, replacing, or repairing the property as needed and face prosecution for theft or destruction of property.

These are just a few examples of the types of criminal cases we handle, and once you accept our firm’s representation, we will meet with you as soon as possible to discuss the best defenses available in your case.

What to Expect from Your Carlinville, Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring the right criminal defense attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the criminal court proceedings you face. Your legal team can help you determine the best way to defend yourself when you have been accused of a crime. The US criminal justice system hinges on the concept of “innocent until proven guilty,” and the prosecution has the burden of proving the guilt of a defendant beyond any reasonable doubt. Your Carlinville, Illinois criminal defense attorney’s job is to prevent this.

If you did not commit the offense in question, your attorney may help you establish an alibi, prove that the police lacked probable cause to conduct your arrest in the first place, or cite contradictory evidence that dismantles the prosecution’s case against you. On the other hand, if you did break the law, your defense attorney is a valuable asset for potentially reducing the penalties you face.

Prosecutors in Illinois are typically willing to offer a negotiated disposition to defendants facing their first charges for nonviolent offenses when they have all the evidence needed for a conviction. If the defendant accepts the offer, he or she enter a guilty plea, and the court saves resources that would otherwise be spent on protracted litigation.

Whatever your criminal case may entail, you will be best equipped to handle the challenges ahead of you with an experienced attorney handling your defense. Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, knows how isolating it can be to experience an arrest, especially when you have been wrongfully accused. If you are concerned about your case’s potential effects on your future, it’s vital to speak with a Carlinville, Illinois criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Contact Brandenburg & Rees, LLP, today to set up a consultation with our team.

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